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Community Relations Council

Community Relations CouncilWhat We Do

The Community Relations Council is the liaison from the Jewish Community to all other diverse communities throughout the city of Pittsburgh. Our mission is to build harmonious relations and mutual understanding within and beyond the Jewish community and to support the State of Israel.

The Community Relations Council (CRC) engages in public policy issues exclusively on the basis of Jewish values. We:

  • Promote and defends equal rights and social and economic justice for all
  • Assure freedom of thought, opinion, expression and association
  • Insist that all governmental actions neither endorse nor unduly inhibit religious practice and that they do not extensively entangle government and religion
  • Foster amicable relationships among ethnic, racial, national, religious and other groups in our community
  • Promote better understanding between the Jewish community and the community at large with respect to issues affecting the local, state, national and international Jewish community
  • Enlist governmental and public support on behalf of Israel enlists governmental and public support for oppressed communities throughout the world, with special vigilance against genocide
  • Advocate positions on human services and social legislation affecting the Jewish community
  • Build coalitions with groups and organizations in the wider Pittsburgh community in the promotion of all of the above purposes functions as a non-partisan body without any political affiliation or participation in party or electoral politics

Code of Conduct

דרך ארץ קדמה לתורה

Respectful speaking and listening are essential, even though there may be widely differing opinions present at any public function endorsed by the Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh. This is rooted in a core Jewish value: Derech eretz kadmah l’Torah, proper conduct precedes the Torah. We call upon those attending CRC programming to engage in mutual respect, even in the midst of a heated discussion. Read our Code of Conduct in full.

Issues & Advocacy

Read the resolutions passed by the Jewish Delegate Assembly of Greater Pittsburgh that inform our advocacy efforts. 

Read the core values reached in consensus with the Greater Pittsburgh Jewish Council and its member organizations.

Report Anti-Semitism. 

Who We Are

Josh SaylesJosh Sayles

(412) 992-5234

Laura ChernerLaura Cherner
Assistant Director

(412) 992-5235

List of CRC

Cindy Goodman-Leib, Chair

David Ainsman                                   
Jim Busis
Mark Frank
Ted Goldberg
Skip Grinberg
Amy Herlich
Rhonda Horvitz
Susan Kalson
Gayle Kraut
Barry Nathan
Todd Rascoe
Bob Silverman 
Laura Sohinki
Scott Tobe
Randy Whitlatch


Mini Grants Initiative

Civic Inclusion & Engagement Fund Partnerships
Vibrant Pittsburgh (VP) and the Urban Affairs Foundation, of the Community Relations Council of Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, seek to mobilize Greater Pittsburgh’s community groups to create a more diverse and inclusive region.

Apply for 2018 Vibrant Pittsburgh Mini Grants

Connect with Us

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Levinson Award


Objectives of the Award

The objectives of this Award are to give community recognition to the importance of Jewish women and men carrying out a significant citizenship role in harmony with the Jewish ideals of social justice and concern for our fellow man. It is to recognize those who have demonstrated leadership ability in promoting improved inter-group relations and the elimination of prejudice and bigotry in our society, and acknowledge active participation in the advancement of the goals and objectives of the Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.

Nature of the Award

The Award shall include an inscribed scroll (plaque) to be presented at an appropriate meeting of the Community Relations Council by a member of the Levinson family and attendance at the Annual Plenary Session of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. The recipient shall receive reimbursement for expenses, up to a maximum of $750. These funds shall be made available annually from the Sonia & Aaron Levinson Trust Fund.

Criteria for Selection

The nominee must be a member of the Jewish community of Greater Pittsburgh, an active participant in Jewish communal life, a donor to the Jewish Federation in good standing, and of demonstrated leadership ability through participation and achievement in community relations activities.

Committee for Selection

The Selection Committee shall be made up of past winners of the Award. The judgment of the Selection Committee shall be final.

Past Recipients

Edwin I. Grinberg Kenneth M. Steinberg Nicholas D.J. Lane Jon Pushinsky Frederick N. Frank Daniel E. Butler JoAnn R. Spiegel Rabbi Neal S. Scheindlin Louis B. Kushner Nina Butler Dr. Barbara Burstin Karen Levitt Karen A. Shapira Judi Kanal Dan B. Frankel Cindy Goodman-Leib Kathy R. Hurwitz Barb Feige Rabbi Mark N. Staitman Dr. Jennifer Rudin Rabbi James A. Gibson Mahnaz Harrison Eileen L. Lane E.J. Strassburger Judith L. Palkovitz Mark Frank Steven D. Irwin David May-Stein Robert S. Whitehill, Jr. Nancy Bernstein Deborah Fidel David Ainsman


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