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Community Relations Council


The Greater Pittsburgh Jewish Council (GPJC) is a broad cross-section of the Jewish community spanning the religious, political and socioeconomic spectrum. Comprised of representatives from diverse local Jewish organizations, agencies, and synagogues, GPJC convenes and engages Greater Pittsburgh Jewish community leaders to examine issues of importance to the local Jewish community and the Greater Pittsburgh community. We serve as a forum for sharing diverse Jewish and non-Jewish perspectives on key issues affecting our region and pursue opportunities for Jewish communal consensus.

Our Core Values

  • Respect for diverse traditions, beliefs, and experiences both within and beyond the Jewish community.
  • Building consensus and speaking with a collective and civil voice.
  • Pursuing a just and pluralistic Jewish community.
  • Working together towards justice and pluralism in Greater Pittsburgh.
  • Rejection of anti-Semitism and Judeophobia.
  • Rejection of all forms of racism and bigotry.
  • Recognition of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state.
  • Recognition of the basic human right of self-determination for all peoples.

GPJC is assembled by the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh's Community Relations Council (CRC) and does not represent the opinions of any singular organization or individual. All policy statements passed by the GPJC reflect the consensus of the organized Jewish community in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Greater Pittsburgh Jewish Council Organizations

All member organizations must affirm the council's core values in order to be eligible for membership.

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