Why Donate to Federation?

Post-pandemic, and amid a rise in antisemitism and inflation, our Jewish community needs support. With your help, we at the Jewish Federation can adapt to these ever changing needs to build a safer, more inclusive world. By collaborating with our core partners, consisting of Pittsburgh-based non-profits and social service and education agencies, we ensure that funding raised through the Community Campaign reaches those who need it most.

For over 100 years, we’ve brought together resources to multiply the impact of every dollar raised, leveraging corporate, foundation and government sources to maximize our donor’s ability to build a vibrant and flourishing Jewish community.

The Community Campaign provides a backbone of support to the Jewish Federation’s local agencies, enabling each of them to positively impact our Pittsburgh community. The Campaign provides unrestricted dollars, the most important type of support, that allow us to address the most critical needs in our region. The Campaign also funds Jewish Federation’s services to the greater Pittsburgh community, including strengthening community relations, heightening security, providing a variety of health and safety related trainings, and other programs that maximize impact.

Total 2021-22 Financial Resource Development DistributionsTotal 2021-22 Financial Resource Development Distributions

  • No Federation funding goes to support the Israeli government; rather, it goes towards strengthening Israeli society and helping those most in need. This is more important now than ever.
  • See examples of the numerous programs the Community Campaign supports in Israel at

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